Greyhound Trust South Lakes
Charity numbers:  269668 & SCO4404

Fostering and Homing Greyhounds in Cumbria and the South Lakes


The Donate button allows you to donate online via PayPal to the South Lakes branch Paypal account.

To send a cheque it must be made payable to: 'GREYHOUND TRUST SOUTH LAKES'  or our bank won't accept it, then post to this address.

To donate via internet banking please contact us so we can give you the branch sort code and account details.

All donations are used for the care and re-homing of the greyhounds here at the branch who are looking for homes.  Thank you for your kindness and help.

Donations received both monitary and in the form of goods are always greatly appreciated.  Listed below are some of those who have donated, but there are many more who donate to collection cans etc and given us things for the dogs without leaving their names, and we wish to thank all those also.

Charles Hawkins for the surgical dressings and vet wrap.
Gary Newsome & Jacqui Armitage for their £22.00 and box of tins of mackerel in tomato sauce.
To everyone on the monthly walk at Windermere who raised £51.50 for tea and coffee sales.
Anne Lane for the Dalton in Furness Town Hall collection box that raised £23.00.
Annabelle Mooney for her £25.00 donation.
Joan Carr for £40.00 she made for us by selling handmade cards and gift tags.
Bethany Baden for her £40.00 donation
Adam Burton for his £20.00 donation
Ann Hapson for her £30.00 donation
Sally Edmonds for her £20.00 donation
Judith Birch for her £20.00 donation