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Dizzy arrived on Sunday 25th March 2018 and has undergone surgery on her damaged leg.  She is currently recovering well and has been reserved.
Please contact us if you would like to home
one of the other greyhounds who are currently looking for homes.

Dizzy is a lovely blue greyhound
DATE OF BIRTH: 02/09/2013
WEIGHT: 25.9 kg
INOCULATED: 12/04/2018

Dizzy's Diary
25th March 2018
Following a conversation I had with Dizzy's owner/trainer last night he brought her here this lunch time so we could get her damaged leg sorted out and find her a new home. Bless her, she wasn't too sure what was happening and once she'd been given chance to go to the toilet in the garden we put her in a crate with a comfy bed and a bowl of water so she could meet the other greyhounds without them being too overbearing.

10th April 2018
This morning Dizzy went to the vets in preparation for the operation to sort her damaged hock out.
It was about 17:40 when the vet phoned to say all had gone well and she was coming round okay. She is on strong painkillers and will be staying in the vets overnight with a nurse monitoring her. She may or may not come home tomorrow, it much depends upon how she gets on.
Because her leg has been allowed to fuse together wrongly for so long it was apparently quite difficult to separate the bones
because they too were growing out of shape. Once the bones had been separated a pin was put in place along with a figure of 8 wire. The vet says it's not 100% perfect due to the length of time it's been left and how the bones had fused, but it will be 95% better.
When she comes home she
will have to be confined for 10 days so she has minimal movement. Her bed will be in the crate in our living room which she was in when she first arrived here, and she will be let out on a lead on to the drive through the patio doors from the living room.  This will minimize the amount she has to walk. Bless her, no garden trips for her for a while.

Dizzy is a small blue greyhound
on our sofa
30th March 2018