Greyhound Trust South Lakes
Charity numbers:  269668 & SCO4404

Fostering and Homing Greyhounds in Cumbria and the South Lakes

Greyhounds in Long-Term Foster Homes

Occasionally we have a greyhound we are unable to re-home due to age and/or illness and these we place in a long-term foster home.  In these homes they are loved and looked after as if they are their own dogs until they pass away.  The volunteers who look after these dogs are very dedicated because they are not always easy and the Trust generally pays for the vet's bills if the fosterer so wishes which are the big worry to anyone taking on a dog such as these.

Pearly is a black Greyhound PEARLY

Pearly was born on the 5th October 2006

Becky was born on the 2nd May 2004